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Kenyan System

The vision of the basic education curriculum reforms is to enable every Kenyan to become an engaged, empowered and ethical citizen. This will be achieved by providing every Kenyan learner with world class standards in the skills and knowledge that they deserve, and which they need in order to thrive in the 21st century. This shall be accomplished through the provision of excellent teaching, school environments and resources and a sustainable visionary curriculum that provides every learner with seamless, competency based high quality learning that values every learner.
Source: Kenyayote

Curriculum Levels

All learners are expected to begin their education at this level. It is a two year programme.

The learners from pre-primary 2 will join lower primary in grade 1 at about 6 years of age and spend 3 years in this part of Early Years Education before exiting to middle school at the end of grade 3.

Upper primary is part of middle school. It is a three year programme where learners are exposed to a broad curriculum and given an opportunity for exploration and experimentation..

Lower secondary will expose the learner to a broad based curriculum to enable them to explore their own abilities, personality and potential as a basis for choosing subjects according to career paths of interest at the senior school.

Senior School comprises three years of education targeted at learners in the age bracket of 15 to 17 years and lays the foundation for further education and training at the tertiary level and the world of work. It marks the end of Basic Education as defined in the Education Act, 2013.

Level Ages Duration Subjects
Pre primary Ages 4-5 2 Years Language Activities, Mathematical Activities, Environmental Activities, Psychomotor and Creative Activities, Religious Education Activities
Lower Primary Ages 6-8 3 Years Kiswahili, English, literacy, and mother tongue as well as science, social studies and agricultural activities.
Upper Primary Ages 9-11 3 Years Kiswahili, English, Mathematics, Home Science, Agriculture, Science and Technology, Creative Arts (art, craft and music), Moral and Life Skills and Physical and Health Education.
Others are social studies (citizenship, geography and history) with an option of a foreign language (French, German, Chinese and Arabic).
Lower Secondary Ages 12-14 3 Years Mathematics, Kiswahili, English, life skills, health education, social studies, integrated science, business studies, religious education, agriculture, life skills, sports and physical education).
Optional subjects includes Home science, foreign languages, Kenyan sign language, indigenous languages, visual arts, performing arts, Arabic and computer science.
Senior School Ages 15-17 3 Years Arts and sports science, social sciences and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

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